Balm with Ostrich Oil for Tattoo Aftercare

Helps Heal and Preserve Ink While Preventing Infection

Body Shock is an authorized distributor of Balm with Ostrich Oil and Tattoo Therapy™, revolutionary aftercare products for piercing and tattoos.
Tattoos have really come of age in the last decade, becoming more art than adornment even for the casual observer, but with mainstream recognition comes higher expectation. When you get that first, or latest tattoo, it is those first couple of weeks care that becomes important. The need for high quality tattoo after care, to protect the colors and prevent scabbing or any other problem, so the true beauty of the tattoo artist will be there for all to see is crucial.
There have been many attempts over the years to find the best way of doing this, but until very recently most moisturizers or salves that were suitable also contained synthetic ingredients, or even harmful chemicals that can have a detrimental effect on the tattoo itself or cause problems with the skin. However, now there is a tattoo ointment with a difference, providing tattoo after care with all natural products that sooth the skin and protect the tattoo itself.
Balm with Ostrich Oil is Good for New Tattoos
  • Balm with Ostrich Oil   has been found to be anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, which can help prevent your tattoo from getting infected.
  • The healing properties of Balm with Ostrich Oil also help your tattoo to retain maximum color and definition as it heals, and prevents scabbing and scarring, this will reduce the need for future touch-ups.
  • The naturally-occurring antioxidants found in Balm with Ostrich Oil promote powerful anti-inflammation at the new tattoo, which will reduce tenderness, redness, and swelling.
  • Unlike most moisturizers and salves, such as Aquaphor & Vasoline, Balm with Ostrich Oil contains no synthetic or harmful ingredients that may negatively affect the healing process.
  • Importantly, Balm with Ostrich Oil moisturizes skin without clogging pores, and it still allows your skin to breathe, promoting optimal oxygenation and cellular repair. Many people notice that using Balm with Ostrich Oil helps their tattoo heal faster, and makes it less itchy, dry and flaky. This is due to Balm with Balm with Ostrich Oil  's essential fatty acids, which deeply penetrate all 7 layers of the skin, including the depth of the tattoo ink.
As an ointment for tattoos, Balm with Ostrich Oil is different, both anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Balm with Ostrich Oil provides real protection as a tattoo ointment, keeping your new tattoo safe from any infection of any kind. Best of all, for this ointment for tattoos, it all comes naturally. Balm with Ostrich Oil not only prevents infection naturally, but also features naturally occurring antioxidants, these have powerful anti-inflammation properties that reduce redness, tenderness and swelling of the tattoo area without any skin problems or affecting the tattoo itself.
In fact, by protecting against infection and swelling naturally, this tattoo after care Balm with Ostrich Oil helps any tattoo retain the rich, vibrant colors and all the detail and definition that artist included, helping the tattoo to retain it’s true beauty and the artist’s vision. Not only does this help with the tattoo now, but makes sure you will not need touch ups further along as well.
Balm with Ostrich Oil offers wonderful tattoo after care, providing the kind of gentle cleansing and protection you need, and because it has Vitamin E it helps rejuvenate the skin, it can even shorten the healing times as well. The essential fatty acids that are found in abundance within Balm with Ostrich Oil penetrate deep into the skin, unlike most tattoo ointments, this one penetrates through all 7 layers of skin, healing right the way down the full depth of the tattoo ink.
With the potential for faster healing, reduced inflammation and protection against infections, Balm with Ostrich Oil is the ointment for tattoos that really works. Balm with Ostrich Oil also provides effective moisturizing action for the skin, and does so without clogging pores, keeping the skin healthier and promoting cellular repair. By protecting the skin in this way, it ensures that your tattoo retains all the detail and color the artist put in, keeping it looking as amazing as the moment you left the parlor.
For every new tattoo, the most critical time where care is most important is immediately after it is done. As the skin heals, you need to help with that process, but also protect the tattoo itself, so that it does not lose definition, or have its colors fade. The aim of tattoo after care is to keep it looking exactly as it was when first complete, the glorious colors and detail that you wanted. Until recently that was an issue, with most moisturizers and salves containing various manufactured chemicals that could hurt the skin or fade or otherwise effect the tattoo