Nowruz/Наурыз 2020 - Cancelled due to weather concerns

This event has been cancelled due to weather concerns. The service fee is not refundable. Sorry for inconvenience.

What should you expect at our family celebration of Nowruz at the Ostrich Land Ontario Farm!
Entertainment program that includes fun activities with prizes from our vendors and sponsors for the whole family such as farm tour with animal feeding, petting zoo, pony rides, face painting and much much more!
You will also be able to try the authentic and traditional dishes such as honey sweet chak chak, crispy hvorest made with an ostrich egg, traditional homemade baklava and bursaki!*
And for the main dishes you will be able to purchase beshbarmak, lamb shurpa, the most authentic kazy, lamb shashlik, kuurdak, ostrich meat chebureki and of course the famous lamb plov that will be freshly prepared for our guests in the real fire pit kazan! How authentic is that?!
The ticket prices are: adult 20$, child 10$ (kids under 2 years old are free) *the prices listed only include the farm entrance and entertainment program, all food items can be purchased separately through our food vendors and/or at our food tents.
**Disclaimer: HomeCooking Farm to Table is not responsible for menu and food catering. HomeCooking Farm to Table is one of the sponsors of Nowruz. Those wishing to purchas products from HomeCooking Farm to Table can purchase them at the vendor’s tent.
We are happy to announce that Anastassia Kibzoun will be participating in #Nowruz celebration hosted by the #OstrichLand Farm! This will be a fun day full of activities for the whole family at the farm!
Thu Anastassia Kibzoun not gonna be the chef at this family event but I'll be more than happy to share my yummy homemade preserves including loved by so many of you my SHASHLICHNIY KETCHUP and my FAMOUS RYAZHENKA along with homemade AYRAN made with fresh herbs with you as a vendor at the event.
Anastassia Kibzoun also be one of the sponsors of this event and one of the lucky family will win a gift certificate for 50$ towards their first order through my website and two full bottles of my famous ryazhenka and kefir to take home!
И так что же будет ждать наших дорогих гостей на празднике Навруз на замечательной ферме Ostrich Land Ontario!
Развлекательная программа для всей семьи которая включает в себя тур по ферме, кормление животных, катание на нашем замечательном новом пони, зоопарк домашних животных, всевозможные развлекательные конкурсы и викторины с призами от наших спонсоров и вендеров (включая приз за самый лучший национальный костюм), фейс пейнтиг для самых маленьких и диско для взрослых! По многочисленным просьбам желающие смогут попрыгать через костер!
А теперь о самом вкусном! Чем же мы вас будем угощать?! А угощать конечно же мы будем вас национальными и традиционными блюдами! Такими как: Чак Чак, Хворост, Пахлава и Баурсаки на сладкое! Бешбармак, Шурпа из баранины, Казы, настоящий бараний шашлык, куырдак, чебуреки со страусиным мясом и королем нашего праздника конечно же будет Плов с бараниной приготовленный в лучших традициях в казане прямо на огне!
Стоимость билетов*: взрослый 20$, детский 10$ (дети до 2 лет песплатно). *в стоимость билета входит сам вход на ферму и развлекательная программа. Все выше описанные блюда можно будет приобрести в наших вкусных палатках и у наших вкусных вендеров!
**Disclaimer: HomeCooking Farm to Table is one of the sponsors of Nowruz. Those wishing to purchase products from HomeCooking Farm to Table can purchase them at the vendor's tent.