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Our history!


We are a big and strong family, a friendly team! Thanks to each other, we were able to make our dream come true, and now we take care of animals on our farm, conduct excursions, treat guests with natural products from our farm and get great pleasure from the fact that we benefit not only ourselves but also other people!

Vladimir Panov

Head Ostrich Wrangler

Vlad is responsible for the preparation of the feed and feeding the ostriches. He is responsible for the more dangerous work around the farm including catching/moving the ostriches. Ostriches are very protective of their offspring and can attack. It is also thanks to him that we have a wonderful farm, as he is also in charge of construction and repairs of the farm.

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Pavlina Anikeyeva

Chef Extraordinaire

Pavlina cooks all of our famous dishes by hand including dumplings, pasties, and pancakes stuffed with ostrich meat. She uses traditional family recipes to create delicious meals. We highly recommend them!

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Yelena Anikeyeva

Ostrich Land  CEO

Yelena is responsible for breeding ostriches, organizing festivals and parties on the farm, helping with the daily running of the business including the marketing and sales of ostrich meat, eggs and butter.


Yelena launched a line of ostrich oil infused personal care products. The Power of Ostrich brand carries shampoos, balms, creams and other cosmetic products.

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Alexey Shumkin

OstrichLand Owner

Ales is the owner of OstrichLand Ontario. He is responsible for all electrical and mechanical work, in addition to the set up and refurbishment of the ostrich incubators. He is very fond of animals and wants them to develop and grow in a good and clean environment.


Our farm is our home!

Our story began in Hamilton. My husband and I decided that we wanted to do something really interesting, something that would be useful. We had no experience in farming, as we could not even think that we would ever do this. Our first farm was built in the Caistor Center. We worked hard. Finally, we are one step closer to our goal.

One of the symbols of our farm is a large and proud bird - the ostrich. When people come to the farm, they first go to the ostriches because these are unusual birds that can boast of their beauty and good health. The more we learn about ostriches, the more we fall in love with them. They are elegant, amazing, beautiful and very quiet birds.

Do you know what ostriches are famous for? Not only because they are some of the largest non-fly birds in the whole world. Ostriches boast the strongest immunity and a huge amount of antibodies, which are found in huge quantities in ostrich eggs. Numerous studies have shown that ostrich antibodies are able to neutralize the virus and subsequent infection of the body. Ostrich antibodies are also widely used in the production of cosmetics. They help to create a unique formula that has a beneficial effect on our health.


Friends of the Farm

Our friends have helped us from day one on our farm, and are often onsite with us. They've been with us through thick and thin! Without our friends, we wouldn't have the wonderful farm community we have today. 


We want to say a huge thank you to them as their help has contributed to our success.  

To get to know our team better, we invite you to visit our farm in sunny Ontario!

Our family

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