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Our Mission

To raise healthy animals on healthy soils in an ethically and environmentally friendly manner. 

Our Values

The principles of sustainability are at the core of our family run farm. We believe in healthy nutrition, care and respect for animals, and working in collaboration with our neighbours to ensure everyone benefits.  

Learn about how we practice sustainability at OstrichLand below. 



Our Produce

We are proud to say that our menu at the Crazy Ostrich Restaurant is from produce grown at our farm without using pesticides, chemicals or additives of any kind.  The soil is enriched with ostrich manure which creates delicious and nutrient-filled vegetables. This closed-loop process also means that our waste is significantly reduced. 


Ostrich Farm

Our ostriches are raised on our farm from egg to the grown bird. Our ostriches are completely antibiotic-free which means our ostrich meat is one of the healthiest protein options available. Our ostriches eat home grown alfalfa and other grains sourced from local farms. We also partner with pet food manufacturers to supply ostrich bones to mitigate waste and provide nutrition for animal treats. Producing one pound of ostrich meat requires dramatically less water, feed, and land, and creates far less greenhouse gas emissions and waste than beef. For example, ostrich meat uses 1/3 the fresh water and 1/50 of the land that beef requires.



Farm animals

Our farm animals are all free range. Our ducks, chickens, rabbits and goats walk about the farm and eat home grown alfalfa or barley supplied by other local farms. We love our animals and show them the respect they deserve.


Locally Sourced

Additional animal feed and restaurant supplies are sourced from other local farms. This reduces our ecological footprint because we do not rely on long-distance transportation for our supplies. 

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