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The Crazy Ostrich Restaurant

We welcome you to visit our farm to enjoy one of our delicious meals!


Whether you are a foodie and love to try new cuisines, or prefer familiar foods, we've got you covered! Relax, and enjoy a meal in our farm restaurant. Meals are prepared by our fabulous team with local ingredients. Our menus are seasonal and we often have new dishes to try! However you can always count on some Eastern European classics to be available. 

On weekends we also serve the Crazy Ostrich Brunch. Eat a traditional South African breakfast and then take a tour of the farm. Make sure to RESERVE your spot!

  • Breakfast/Brunch is served from 11am - 2pm

  • Lunch items served from 2pm - 4pm 

  • Dinner is served from 4pm onwards


Please note our restaurant is open on weekends only. 


 Brunch from $40

Reserve an Ostrich Egg to enjoy brunch on the farm. This experience includes a tour of the ostrich farm and access to the entire petting area.


Pizza Lunch from $40

Get ready for a day filled with fun and excitement at Ostrich Land Ontario's pizza lunch event! It's a new idea perfect for families who love having fun and cooking together.

With our outdoor pizza oven, you can make your own pizza with your favourite toppings. Get creative with different toppings like fresh vegetables, pepperoni, cheese, and ostrich meat!


Dinner from $60

We are famous for our spectacular dinners. Made in a traditional wood fire oven with the best produce from our own farm. Served family style!


By reservation only.


Get a Sneak Peek at some of the dishes from our menu below.


Meals 2 Go from $250

Coming soon! 

Order your weekly family feast comprised of ostrich meat and additional meat produced from our farm.


The dishes will be cooked in our outdoor fire oven. 


*Minimum order of $250 (serves 3 people for 1 week)

**Delivery fee from $20

Sample meals: borscht, solyanka, shepherd's pie, chicken, pasta, salad, dessert. 

Tatiana, Ontario

“Try their delicious food, take a tour, and have fun!"
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