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The OstrichLand Store

During your visit to the farm, we encourage you to stop by our onsite store. We have a variety of specialty meats, local foods, and products for purchase. We also have products available to sample so you can try before you buy! What's onsite: 

Local seasonal fruits/vegetables from Ostrichland or nearby farms in the Niagara region.

Organic, specialty meats including ostrich, duck, chicken (select products available). Learn more about the nutritional value of ostrich meat below. Or you can place an order online

Ostrich Meat

The Secret Power Food

If you haven’t tried ostrich meat, we guarantee you will be amazed this super food is not more widespread. Ostrich meat is lower in fat and saturated fat than beef or bison. It holds more iron and twice as much thiamin as beef. It is also able to retain higher concentrations of vitamins B6 and B12 after cooking. As it is not as fatty as beef, it also shrinks less leading to a  higher cooking yield.