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Farm Attractions

Ostrichland is a must-see summer and fall adventure and recently won "Best Farm Niagara Region 2022" from the Canadian Business AwardsWe offer a host of activities for people of all ages. Come spend the day with us and create memories of a lifetime! 

Our Ostriches

Ostriches are rare and unique to see, and will certainly

make you smile! There are three ostrich species living

on the farm: black, blue and red. Discover chicks in the

nursery at select times of year, or meet “beak to beak”

with a flock of ostriches during the tour. Occasionally,

you’ll have the opportunity to pet them as well. 

Through the wooded trails, you’ll meet Prince Charles,

the Ostrich who thinks he is human, and his lovely Mary.

Our two female birds, Madonna and Lady Gaga, have

a new boyfriend called Flamboyant Filipe! You’ll also

have the chance to meet a sweet family of four

ostriches including the leader, Pier, his favorite wife

Natalya, and two other female beauties. 

Petting Barn

Spend some quality time watching and petting some

of our local farm animal. Kids can interact with our

alpacas and goats. Also keep an eye out for the

bunnies and wandering ducks around the farm. 


At certain times of the year, these animals will

also have offspring, which is very exciting to see!



Crazy Ostrich Restaurant

Whether you are a foodie and love to try new cuisines,

or prefer familiar comfort foods, we've got you covered!

Sit down, relax, and enjoy a meal cooked by our

fabulous team while onsite at the farm. 

Our Menu is season based and changes often!

On weekends we serve the Crazy

Ostrich Brunch. Eat a traditional South African

breakfast and then take a tour of the farm. 

Brunch is served 11 a.m. - 2p.m.

Make sure to RESERVE your spot!

Farm Store

We offer a variety of products onsite for purchase including ground ostrich meat and steaks. 


We partnered with Seneca College to develop our own ostrich oil infused skincare line. Power of the Ostrich 

is available in store and online.


Check out our shop for more details including

delicious ostrich meat recipes!

Bulk purchases are also available on order.


Kids Playground and Picnic Area

OstrichLand encourages kids to get outside and

play on the farm! Enjoy the playground and/or bring your own picnic to enjoy in the covered seating


There is no time limit to the playground!

Book Your Experience

There's something for everyone at Ostrichland!

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